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I have decided to invest a little bit of time, money and effort into a simple idea that I feel would be beneficial to the members of the Green group. The reason I’m writing is to solicit what you as a group think of the idea and whether it’s worth pursuing or not. 

So here we go

I thought it would be an interesting idea to create a map based directory that showed the location of green and ethical businesses, You would be able to post your business to the map, create a business description, add contact info and add a logo. Using geo location technology someone searching the directory would be able to locate businesses close to them or within X radius of the location. In addition to businesses I thought events and experts could also be listed. 

That’s it for now, what do you think of the idea? is this useful to members? Please let me know by leaving your comments in the group forum on LinkedIn. 


John Horsley 
Posted By John Horsley

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