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Am 25.09.2018 um 22:14 schrieb jon der gartenkärtner:
"Seien es Intermapping, Transition Connect, Commons API oder die Versuche
unserer französischen Partner die vielfältigen Realitäten gemeinsam
abzubulden. Nennenswert sei hier Transiscope.org, welches einen Eindruck
davon vermittelt, wohin die Reise gehen kann."

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The current map used to display the Transition initiatives in France is on Google Map and is only showing the local initiatives but not the different sub groups of each initiative.

I would like to create a new map on an open source site including filters on type of groups we have like : food, repair café, bicycle workshop, inner transition, meditation, .... So the need is to have categories and sub-categories. This is also useful to tag articles in web sites or Events (we do it already but with a from scratch categories).

My question is to know if somebody has spent time on it to build a categorization that we could use as a good basis to share, enhance and translate ?

Jean-Paul Grange - +33 (0) 634 188 782

Le local : www.set94.org - Le territorial : www.val-de-marne-en-transition.org
Le régional : www.transitionparisidf.fr - Le national : www.transitionfrance.fr
L'international : www.transitionnetwork.org - Le trans-associatif : www.transitioncitoyenne.org

La REconomy : https://opencollective.com/reconomycop

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